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Don’t ever let anyone tell you a little bit of luck doesn’t play a role in life. Let’s track using my career path. Luck certainly wasn’t the only factor here, but there are times it had a significant influence:

  • Computer Ties: Got the job because a friend who worked there recommended me to the owner
  • BBB: Got the interview because the manager who happened to be on duty the night I turned in my application went to HS with the owner of Computer Ties
  • JDL: Got the interview because the Branch Manager randomly went to church with one of my references
  • Dart: Got the job ’cause I -literally- cracked a joke at the right time during the interview
  • SAU: Got an interview because someone on the team was a former coworker from the library. And I was a quasi-alum
  • KVCC: Got the interview because an SAU coworker put in a good word with another person SAU who knew someone who worked on the team I was applying for at KVCC. Got the job because someone on the interview panel thought my Zoom background was funny.

Now, obviously my own personality, skills, education, and help from others played a role at various stages. But dumb luck is always a part of it too—and sometimes that just doesn’t swing everyone’s way. Just something to think about when your first instinct is to tell someone to “work harder.” Maybe they’re working their asses off, and just haven’t had a lucky break.

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