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Remember as we all go through this–everyone is doing their best. As we continue to get new information, guidelines, and regulations, there are bound to be questions about how certain populations are being cared for, the wisdom of certain policies, or even the actions of groups or individuals. And it’s great that people care enough to ask those questions, and the questions should be asked.

Just remember to ask with love and grace. Don’t automatically assume that individuals or groups were forgotten, dismissed, or considered disposable. It’s a rapidly evolving situation, and sometimes it takes time to get guidance and programs into place. Everything can’t be solved at once, but if there’s one thing humanity is great at, it’s saying over, and over, and over again that “We can do better.”

We’ll get through this. Everyone is doing the best they can. Have grace when their best falls short, and gently guide them towards greatness. We’ll all make mistakes along the way. And above all, just love one another.

But do it from at least 6 feet away and in groups of no more than 10.

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