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Be grateful for your teachers. And not just the ones at the front of a classroom (though certainly those too).

The author who wrote that book that changed your life is your teacher. The hosts of your favorite podcast and YouTube show are your teachers. The artist of that song that moves you to tears is your teacher.

Your bosses, and your coworkers, and your direct reports are your teachers. Your parents and your grandparents and your aunts and your uncles and your children are your teachers. The people you have conversations with at 3:00am around a campfire when you should have went to sleep hours ago are your teachers.

Be open to being taught by everyone you encounter. Then share what you have learned. You have access to so many different perspectives—don’t ignore them and cling to the notion that you have it all figured out.

Learn all you can from your teachers. Treasure them. And thank them.

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