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As we peer back on 2021 and look to the dawn of a new year, it is for many, a time of reflection and resolution.

There are generally two camps of people when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions: those who love and use them, and those who (somewhat sanctimoniously) crow “If you want to make a change in your life, why would you wait until a new year? Just do it now.”

Here’s the thing. Yes, it’s obviously good practice to be engaged in self-improvement year-round. But, if someone can find extra motivation, context, and discipline from the turning of a page on a calendar, don’t begrudge them that. Different tools work for different people. Just because you don’t need January first to impel you to change, doesn’t mean it doesn’t help your neighbor. And just because someone doesn’t make official “resolutions” doesn’t mean they aren’t committed to the daily grind of becoming a better person.

Any self-improvement is a good thing, whenever it happens. Your job—all our jobs—is to love, encourage, and support everyone in our lives looking to make positive changes, whatever frameworks they adopt. Because when you are surrounded by people in your life who want to be—and are—better, you become a better version of yourself. And when we are all the best versions of ourselves, the world is a brighter, fuller, more vibrant, place.

As anyone who’s ever done any meaningful work on themselves can tell you, self-improvement is hard work. And we should take advantage of a helping hand wherever we can find it—whether that’s from a page on a calendar, a book of wisdom, or an encouraging word from a friend.

Here’s to 2022. Let’s all be better.

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