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“Information has become a form of garbage, not only incapable of answering the most fundamental human questions but barely useful in providing coherent direction to the solution of even mundane problems.” – Neil Postman, Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology

When there’s too much information, it becomes meaningless, or worse a complete distraction. Some estimates suggest that the amount of information in the world is doubling every 18 months. We’re incapable of meaningful curation because we don’t even have meaningful or relevant criteria to curate with. And even if we had that criterion, it would be a Sisyphian task.

We endlessly consume information under the guise of being “well informed,” but how often do we stop to ask what well-informed means, or what is the virtue of being well-informed on any particular topic?

What problem is our addiction to information solving, and what problems is it causing?

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