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There is no doubt injustice in the world. There always will be. It’s easy to be mad about it. To rant and rage and let the unfairness of it all drive you to insanity. We work ourselves into a lather until our anger turns potential into action, like some sort of energy catalyst.

Any too many people will tell you that this is righteous anger. That it is justified, and even useful anger, because it drives action towards positive change. And that’s may be true to a point, but it’s…incomplete.

It’s founded on the (mistaken) assumption that anger is the primary, or only way of motivating action. Whatever the news, the internet, social media, your family, friends, or coworkers might tell you, it -is- possible to see something wrong in the world, understand that it needs to be changed, and work towards that change, without letting anger take over. I’d even argue, that you’ll probably be a more effective agent if you aren’t blinded white-hot emotion.

Put another way—anger is sufficient to motivate change, but it is not necessary.

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